I love to create wildlife art! It seems that even when trying to loosen up and attempt an abstract I have to fight within myself not to add an animal .......

Dry Noon
Framed in shadow box to: 20x29"
$400. plus shipping

Acrylic on tea/coffee stained watercolour paper.

Water Colour 
Framed to 6.5x13"
$125. plus shipping

Wascally Wabbit 

Water Colour 

$125. plus shipping


Water Colour 



Abstract chicken done in Water Colour



13 Lined Ground Squirrel
painted with Water Colour

$125.00 plus shipping


American Avocet done in water colour.
plus shipping

Looking at you 

Unframed: $75 + shipping
Framed: $150 + shipping
Note: shown with computer generated frame 

Done with crayola crayons & a nail file.
Painting: 8x10"

Contact Beth if you wish to purchase this painting.

Foxy Fun - $400 + shipping

Painted on birch bark using acrylic.
The trees in this painting have the natural birch bark showing - with some added detail painted on.

Contact Beth if you wish to purchase this piece.

panda wildlife painting acrylic mylar Beth Campbell


This painting is done on two pieces. The "top" piece with the panda is done on mylar which is somewhat transparent. It is framed over a piece of watercolour paper with bamboo painted on it. 

Based on a photo from WetCanvas.com.

Framed: 23x19" 
acrylic mixed media wildlife painting panda Beth Campbell

This painting won the poster competition at The Reflections of Nature 2015. It was then used as one of the raffle items for Reflections 2016.

Another mixed media painting on mylar with bamboo painted on watercolour paper behind.

Framed: 23x19" 

Contact Beth if you wish to purchase this piece.

Hummingbird humming bird wildlife painting coloured colored pencil Beth Campbell

"HUMMER"  - $175 + shipping

A humming bird captured in coloured pencil. 

Based on a photo from WetCanvas.com.

Framed: 12x15" 

Contact Beth for details

cimp chimpanzee pastel painting suede board Beth Campbell wildlife painting
"DARWIN" - $400 + shipping

Darwin is a pastel work on suede board.
This piece won a first place ribbon in its division in the 2009 Reflections of Nature Art Show & Sale in Saskatoon. 

Painting: 9x12"
Framed: 15x18"

Contact Beth to purchase
female black bird blackbird pastel sanded paper Beth Campbell wildlife painting
"SINGING BANDIT" - $450 + shipping

Artist, Beth Campbell managed to take a photograph of this singing bird, but it took a while for her to find out that it is a female yellow-headed blackbird. 

Pastel on sanded paper - won a first place ribbon in its division in Reflections, 2008

Painting: 12x18"
Framed: 24x30"
Reproductions are available.
Contact Beth to arrange purchase. 
antelope pastel sanded paper Beth Campbell prairies wildlife painting
Original is SOLD
Reproductions available

Antelope hanging out on the prairies.

Contact Beth if you would like to purchase a reproduction.

"Out Of Africa" - $300

This mixed media painting depicts a lion stepping out of the picture on to the faux leather frame. The frame is a part of the canvas. 

Size: 16x20"

Contact Beth if you are interested in purchasing this piece.

wolf painting birch bark acrylic Beth Campbell
"Big Bad Wolf" - SOLD

Acrylic painting on birch bark mounted in a shadow box with a painting of more trees on a piece of watercolour paper behind.

mixed media painting oranutan Beth Campbell
"Babe" - SOLD

This is a miniature mixed media painting of a young orangutan.

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