This painting has been donated to Saskatoon's Ronald MacDonald House. 

I am hoping that the messages worked into the piece can bring a smile and lighten a family's day.

Some phrases worked into the piece include:
Live the Life you love; love the life you live
Soft words echo the loudest
"Earth" without "art" is simply "Eh"
........ and more


I loved doing this painting with a bit of a "zentangle" feeling.  It won a first place ribbon at the Non-realistic Open Class at the Reflections Art Show in 2013.

- Arctic Narwhal
- Bottlenose Whale
- Minke Whale
- Beluga Whale
- Orca
- Sperm Whale
- Blue Whale
- Grey Whale
- White Whale
- Finback Whale
- Bowhead Whale

"Dragon"  - SOLD

A dragon depicted in mixed media.

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