Digital Art - I have produced some alcohol ink paintings on small tiles so that I could scan them to use as my digital art. I will only ever produce one piece from each, so they are "original digital art pieces". 

30 x 30" Original Digital Art - $300.00

Oil Paintings - wow they sure take a long time to dry! I was able to attend a workshop with Adeline Halvorson using water soluble oil paints. Learned some great techniques, but not sure I a patient enough to wait through the drying time.

"Caesar" - will be for sale once I can properly 
put the protective coating on it.
Supposed to wait 6 ? months.

I took a carving class from Harvey Welch in the winter of 2016. It was great and I came away with a new talent and a life size carving of a chickadee - carved from a wood called tupelo.

Paverpol Sculpture - what a versatile medium. I have taken a few classes with the most recent being one by Loretta Metzger. 

Acrylic - that is what I always seem to come back to. It is so versatile; paint on anything; easy clean-up; dries relatively quickly; and adapts readily to mixed media technique.

A Loon painted with acrylics on a grapevine leaf

But, I would get bored if I only ever did the same type of paintings in the same medium all the time. So whenever I have a chance I try something new. I love the depth I can get with coloured pencil. 

Max - artwork created with coloured pencil

I have even gone back to my childhood using crayola crayons. I am sure most people can remember putting bright colours on a paper, then colouring over it all with black and scratching the black off to create a design. That is basically what I have done - gives me a great feeling of freedom.

Iguana painting created while on the beach in Mexico

Pastels - on sanded paper or on suede board. Two slightly different techniques, but love them both. The pastels are so easily blended. 

"Darwin" is a pastel work on suede board.

"Singing Bandit" is pastel on sanded paper.

I was able to take in an alcohol ink painting class with a wonderful artist, Jewel Buhay. This medium forces a person to allow the painting to almost create itself.
 "Dragonfly" was created with alcohol inks.

I started to play with water colours again in 2016.

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