Digital Art - now here is an art form that is definitely not messy! Some of the art has been created solely on the computer without any photographic start. I have also been creating pieces of art starting with an alcohol painting that I scanned then used photoshop to change it. In some the backgrounds were changed and the image was blended in to the new background. In others an otherwise blank space was filled with something.  Sometimes the colour was changed in only certain areas. 

I will only be making one copy of each piece of digital art making each one a true original.

Blue Haze
Totally completed on computer

Cannot decide if this should be hung vertically or horizontally.

The following pieces all started as alcohol inks on ceramic tile.
They were digitally changed then printed on stretched canvas.

30x30" For Sale $300
30x30" For Sale $300

30x30" For Sale $300
30x30" For Sale $300

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