My husband knows that he does not have to buy me super expensive gifts to make me happy. A handful of leaves or a flat rock to paint on will thrill me!

I press leaves in old phone books to dry them. Then I treat them with matt medium so that they are flexible and won't shatter as I paint them. Then Gesso is put down - wherever I am going to paint so that the acrylics will adhere to the leaves. Then they are sealed once again before they are mounted in a shadow box frame.

I seem to sell these unique little paintings almost as fast as I paint them. 

"Shy Cat"   -   SOLD 

A cougar painted on a grapevine leaf.

Leaf: ~ 6x6"
Framed in shadow box: 12x16" 

Contact Beth if you wish to purchase this piece. 

"The Chimp" - $150.00 + shipping

Chimpanzee eyes looking back at you from an oak leaf.

Leaf: ~ 2.5 x 6.5"
Framed: 7.5 x 11"

Contact Beth if you wish to purchase this piece.

"Rooster's Perch" - $150.00 + shipping

This fun painting is done in acrylic on a flower leaf - not sure what kind of flower, but one that came from the artist's garden at the end of the season. 

Leaf: ~ 8x2"
Framed to: 7x13" 

Contact Beth if you wish to purchase this piece. 

"Ocelot Eyes" - SOLD

This was the first of many "eyes" that artist Beth Campbell painted on oak leaves.

"Cougar Eyes" - Sold

One of my favorites - a cougar on an oak leaf. So glad that it has a good home.


Tiger eyes painted on a grapevine leaf.

"The Wolf" - SOLD

"Cougar Kitten" - SOLD

"Lion Eyes" - SOLD

"Tiger Eyes" - SOLD

"Snow Leopard Eyes" - SOLD

"Take-off" - Sold
Loon painted on a grapevine leaf

"Old & Wise"

Owl Painted on a grapevine leaf is mounted in a rustic custom made frame.



Racoon eyes painted on an oak leaf and mounted in a custom made shadow box frame.


We saw lots of gophers growing up on a prairie farm - and in fact had one as a pet for one summer. It mysteriously disappeared the first day we returned to school in the fall. I kind of suspect that our father had something to do with that ...... 

"Chee Chee" - never forgotten - depicted here on an oak leaf in acrylics.


Owls are fascinating. They look large and gentle, but as my mother once found out when she was getting too close to the tree with a nest, they can be aggressive when they need to be. 

And - ask any mouse ..... yup - they are aggressive. 

This owl painted on an grapevine leaf is SOLD. 

"The Dam Pelican" - SOLD

This little painting shows a pelican in flight using acrylic on an oak leaf. The reference photo used was one taken near Gardner Dam by artist Beth Campbell.

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