One of the most fun mediums that I have been using is the simple back-to-basic crayola crayons. I am sure that most people can remember an art class in school that involved putting bright colours down on a page, then covering over with black and scratching a design into that. I have been using that method with a variety of colours - all a person really needs is heavy paper, crayons and something to scratch with (my main tool is a pointed finger nail file). Through trial & error I discovered that anything that was to be white had to be coloured white before any other colour stained the paper. Other than that - super easy medium!

Looking at you 

Unframed: $75 + shipping
Framed: $150 + shipping
Note: shown with computer generated frame 

Done with crayola crayons & a nail file.
Painting: 8x10"

Contact Beth if you wish to purchase this painting.
tree frog crayola crayon painting Beth Campbell
"Kiss A Prince" - SOLD

A crayola frog. 


siamese fighting fish crayola crayon painting Beth Campbell
"Beauty" - NFS

This is the first crayola painting that I attempted - and is based on the lessons in Lee Hammond's book. Although it is okay to copy it (that is the whole point of the book), I do not feel that it is really "my" work, so will not sell it.

Iguana crayola crayon painting Beth Campbell
"Mexican Iguana" - $175. + shipping

This piece was completed while on vacation on a beach in Mexico. The wonderful thing about crayons is that they are super portable and a person doesn't feel devastated if one goes missing.

Painting: 8x10" Framed to 16x18"

Contact Beth if you wish to purchase this piece. 

zebra crayola crayon painting Beth Campbell
"Stripes" - SOLD

This is the piece that taught me to colour the white parts first so that the black did not stain the paper. Using the crayons really does bring back childhood memories. 

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