Lighting in the studio - a definite need to pay attention to detail.

Definitely want to get into spray painting. This looks easy.

This is definitely a cool trick.

And this will help with perspective.

My favourite drawing tutorial website:
It includes step-by-step instructions that are designed for children to be able to follow.  Be sure to check it out next time you need to sketch something.

I have also found a number of helpful videos for all kinds of stuff. YouTube is definitely a great site. 


The frames on my paintings get beat up when I take them to different shows. These will be great to avoid that problem!

This video shows some framing examples that tend to overpower the work, but does have some useful information.

A tutorial on stretching canvas on one of my favorite sites:
I do more than just this though - I use pieces of 1x2 and make my own frames to stretch the canvas on to (with small round dowel attached to the outer edge to form a lip that lifts the canvas off the wood). Since those stretcher bars are really not that expensive, I suppose this really shows my frugal (some may say "cheap") nature.

This is one of the ways that my husband and I make our picture frames.

How & why to varnish a painting

Archiving Acrylic Paintings

How to tie your picture frame wire 

Definitely going to try painting with the palette knife!

Think I want to try a "pour". 
This video is good to tell how much paint to use:

Think that I want to try this too - will have to get my husband to help out and teach me a few things about welding.

Instruction sheets for dancer:

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