Tuesday, July 12, 2016

Art Battle - Saskatoon

I was thrilled to be invited to participate in the Regional Art Battle Championships here in Saskatoon on July 7. It was a blast - even though I didn't win. The winner was Anthony Masuskapoe - well done!  We had 20 minutes to complete a painting with everyone milling around watching over our shoulders. Then the audience votes for their favourite. My sisters noted that Anthony did not seem to have brought friends to vote for him; and he did not vote for himself. He was a true gentleman competitor. I am super thrilled for him. 

Perhaps the most entertaining of the artists was Alegandro Alvarez - he simply popped in his  ear phones and bopped away to his music. Loretta Iris simply sat down and got all into her paints with her hands and an odd assortment of tools that she brought with her. 

The winner Anthony Masuskapoe goes on to the national finals in Toronto at the end of this month.

My piece - easy to see how
he won. 

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